2nd Friday Fan Movie 8th Day Box Office Collection

2nd Friday Fan Movie 8th Day Box Office Collection : The Wrong Expectation From FAN Movie is Still continue, as everyone Knows That After 1st weekend The Movie the collection of Fan declined with a Big Margin, and The Hope of 100 crore is Faded Day by Day, The Movie Crosses 50 Crore on its 1st weekend with Rs.19.20 cr on 1st Day, 15.40 Cr on 2nd Day and 17.75 Crore on its 1st Sunday 3rd Day but The Main Shock Starts from Monday where The Movie Collects Only Rs.6.05 Crore and After That The Collection Declined day by day on 1st Tuesday The Movie Collects Rs.5.75 cr and on Wednesday the Movie Collects Only Rs.4.20 Crore, The Total Overall Collection of The Movie Till Wednesday is Only Rs.68.35 Crore in India. Nobody Thinks That The Movie of Shahrukh Khan survive a lot on Box Office To enter in 100 Crore Club.

2nd Friday Fan Movie 8th Day Box Office Collection

Fan 8th Day Collection Report

FAN is a Good movie, Gets Good and Positive Reviews form The Critics and The Audience also like the Movie,  FAN is the story of Gaurav, a young man, 20 something, whose world revolves around the Superstar Aryan Khanna which is Also Played  by Shah Rukh Khan, he refers to him his God. To Meet Him on his Birthday He starts His Journey from the Roads of Delhi to Mumbai.
The Character of Gaurav is Like “Shahrukh Khan” of “Darr” Movie, Last The Biggest Fan of The Shahrukh became his Biggest Enemy.

FAN Total Box Office Collection Report

1st Day Friday : Rs.19.20 Crore

2nd Day Saturday : Rs.15.40 Crore

3rd Day Sunday : Rs.17.75 Crore

4th Day Monday : Rs.6.05 Crore

5th Day Tuesday : Rs.5.75 crore

6th Day Wednesday : Rs.4.20 Crore

7th Day Thursday : Rs.4.00 Crore(Approx)

8th Day Friday : Rs.4.25 Crore(Early estimate)

Total Collection till Wednesday : Rs.68.35 Crore

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